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For more information about the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety, and about how to join, please contact Jean Rexford, the executive director.

Jean Rexford
Executive Director
Connecticut Center for Patient Safety

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  3. Selecting Doctors & Hospitals
  4. What to do to avoid medication error
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You've Suffered Medical Harm - Now What Do You Do?

According to a recent article published by ProPublica titled: So You’ve Become a Patient Safety Statistic – Now What?, by Marshall Allen there are six things to do….

  1. Get a copy of medical records.
  2. Make sure the incident is reported internally.
  3. If the patient has died, order a forensic autopsy.
  4. Consider calling an attorney.
  5. Meet with the doctor and hospital officials.
  6. Report the incident to regulators, who can investigate.

For greater detail and more important information, please read the full article.